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    1 This is a  currently a draft only.
    311. Sign up for a account at Beginner account will also do :)
    422. Go to web tab
    5 3. Press on add a new app button
    6 4. Configure the settings
     33. Press on add a new app button (Remember that you can only run a single app with a free account)
     44. Configure the settings:
     5 - Select web2py (If you want to deploy eden)
     6 - Select the directory where you want to put the files of your app (By default it is /home/your_username/web2py/)
     7 - Enter the administrative password.
     8 - You will be issued with a domain which can be used to access your web2py app. (In case of a free account, it will be
    795. After completing configuration, go to Files tab
    8106. There you will find a folder as specified by you in settings
    121410. You can also pull code from github
    1315 - Go to Consoles tab and open Bash editor
    14  - Go to applications directory (cd Your_Folder/applications)
    15  - $ git clone [url of your repo :]
     16 - Go to applications directory of your web2py project(cd your_app_folder/applications/)
     17 - $ Clone the repo you want to deploy : git clone
     1811. You have are now good to go and start the web2py server
     1912. Go to /home/your_username/web2py/ using the bash editor
     2013. Run the following command:
     21 - $ python -a "your_desired_password"
     2214. This will start the web2py server on your created domain for this app ( in case of a free account)
     2315. You can now navigate to other tabs(or do other things) and the bash console will keep running as a separate thread. In order to kill the current console you can go to "Console" tab and kill the desired bash console from the list.