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Virtual Machine Maintenance



  1. Get the latest LTS Lubuntu:
    • currently this is 14.04.1
  1. Install it as a new image in VirtualBox
    • accept all defaults
    • US Keyboard
    • username: dev
    • password: eden
    • Login automatically
  1. Update
    sudo su -
    apt-get update
    apt-get -y upgrade
  1. Install dependencies and tools (@ToDo: Make this a downloadable script)
    apt-get -y install vim htop p7zip dos2unix
    apt-get -y install git-core
    #apt-get -y install exim4-config exim4-daemon-light
    apt-get -y install libgeos-c1
    apt-get -y install python-dev
    apt-get -y install python-lxml python-setuptools python-dateutil
    apt-get -y install python-serial
    apt-get -y install python-imaging python-reportlab
    apt-get -y install python-matplotlib
    apt-get -y install python-xlwt
    apt-get -y install build-essential
    apt-get -y install libgeos-dev
    wget --no-check-certificate
    tar zxvf Shapely-1.4.1.tar.gz
    cd Shapely-1.4.1
    python install
    cd ..
    rm -rf Shapely-1.4.1
    wget --no-check-certificate
    tar zxvf xlrd-0.9.3.tar.gz
    cd xlrd-0.9.3
    python install
    cd ..
    rm -rf xlrd-0.9.3
    apt-get -y install eclipse-platform
    apt-get clean
  1. Install Web2Py & Eden
    git clone git://
    cd web2py/applications
    git clone git://

6.Configure Eclipse

  1. Configure Firefox
  1. Run Eden
    • Edit
      • Comment FINISHED_EDITING
      • Set debug = True
  1. Add Management Scripts

TurnKey Linux

NB This version is currently far out of date, and not currently in use.

It is best if the VM is maintained using the original VirtualBox image & then re-exported to OVF


Test Sahana Eden.


The following aliases have been setup:

alias w2p='cd /home/sahana/Desktop/web2py && python -S eden -M'
alias update='cd /home/sahana/Desktop/web2py/applications/eden && git pull'
alias update_w2p='cd /home/sahana/Desktop/web2py && git pull'
alias update_all='sudo apt-get update;sudo apt-get upgrade -y;cd /home/sahana/Desktop/web2py && git pull;cd /home/sahana/Desktop/web2py/applications/eden && git pull'
alias clean="rm ~/.bash_history;cd ~/Desktop/web2py/applications/eden && rm -f databases/* && rm -rf cache/* && rm -f sessions/* && rm -f models/ && rm -f cron/crontab;sudo rm -f /var/log/*;sudo rm -f /var/cache/apt/archives/*;COLUMNS=200 sudo dpkg -l | grep ^rc | awk '{print $2} ' | xargs sudo dpkg -P"


Resume Uploads

If the scp upload fails, then can resume it using:

rsync -Pe ssh

Info only

The next 2 steps are unnecessary if exporting to OVF?

Overwrite the freespace with zeroes:

Compress the VDI disk image:


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