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    22= Installation Guidelines: Virtual Machine =
    4 '''''These instructions go along with the custom virtual machine image supplied for the GHC Codeathon. Its copy of the Eden repository points to the GHC team repository on !GitHub.'''''[[BR]]
    6 The most convenient way to get up and running is to use a pre-configured development kit -- a complete operating system that's been set up to include all the required code and tools, and saved as an image of the system's disk -- and run this "virtual system" (sometimes called an "appliance") in a "virtual machine" (VM). The virtual machine runs as an application on your machine -- the "host" machine -- and emulates a separate computer -- the "guest" machine. You won't have to install anything but the virtual machine directly on your system. (We're including the official virtual machine jargon in case you need to read virtual machine documentation. We'll use "VM" to refer to the guest virtual machine. The virtual machine "manager" will be the tool that is used to configure and start your VM.)
     4We'll be using the standard [wiki:InstallationGuidelines/VirtualMachine developer virtual machine environment]. You'll follow the same instructions for setting it up, with the exception that we'll have the virtual machine image and the VirtualBox installers on flash drives, so they don't need to be downloaded. You can come to the FOSS booth, if you'd like, to copy them in advance of the codeathon.
    86== Copy the files you need off the flash drive ==