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Installation Guidelines: Windows - Developer (Manual)

If you are a Developer running Windows and wishing to install Python & all dependent libraries manually then this is the right page for you.

Install Python

2.7 is currently recommended. (2.6 works for all core functionality, but doesn't allow you to use the S3Report pivot table functions)

NB 32-bit Python should be used even on 64-bit Windows:

Install Python Libraries

Windows users should generally use Windows Installers, where available

Note: These libraries are checked here:



  • PyTZ for Timezone awareness (unused currently)
  • PyWURFL for Browser Capabilities (unused currently)

Install git

A Windows installer is available here -- pick the latest one available and install it.

Note: Do not install or use "git bash". It is incompatible with instructions shown here. It is incompatible with git used from the Windows command prompt. It has been known to damage git repositories. To avoid confusion and make it easier for us to help you, please run git from the Windows command prompt.


Configure git; install Web2Py and Sahana Eden:

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