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Updated for the new installer

Maintenance of the End-user Windows Installer

End-user Instructions: InstallationGuidelinesWindows

  • Clean the Eden folder (databases/errors/sessions/uploads)
  • Clean the admin folder (errors & sessions)
    cd \web2py
    copy applications\eden\static\scripts\tools\ .
    c:\bin\python26\python py2exe
  • Remove unwanted folders from dist/applications/eden
    • .bzr
    • .git
    • compiled
    • docs
    • tests
    • static/scripts/gis/GeoExt/.*
    • static/scripts/gis/openlayers/.*
    • static/selenium
  • Add missing file & then run the program once
    cd \web2py
    copy splashlogo.gif dist
    cd dist
    # Ignore the NEWINSTALL error
  • Modify as follows:
    default_application = 'eden'    # ordinarily set in base
    default_controller = 'default'  # ordinarily set in app-specific
    default_function = 'index'      # ordinarily set in app-specific
  • Delete the examples & welcome folders
  • Delete sahana-eden-setup.exe in the Web2Py Directory if it exists
  • Download: and copy the unpacked files to your web2py rootdir
  • Download & install:
  • Open NSIS -> Compile NSI scripts -> File -> Load Script -> Select end-user-install.nsi in your web2py rootdir -> OK
  • After a few seconds: The new sahana-eden-setup.exe should be in your web2py directory

Tasks for Crisis Commons

  • Right now the installer launches other installers for Python and it's libraries in turn. It would be easier for the installer to process this in one go. Again an easily maintainable approach would be better as the versions of Python and these libraries increment with the versions of Eden.
  • Feel free to add other areas that can improve the overall experience of the installer for the user

Other ToDo Items on the installer

  • Is it better to have a larger download & include the pre-populated database with migrate=False? (& pre-populate=False)
  • Is it better to have a larger download & include the compiled app?
  • Remove all the Debug mode files? (Ext/GeoExt/OpenLayers/jQuery/UI/etc)

Developer installer


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