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Maintenance of the End-user Windows Installer

End-user Instructions: InstallationGuidelines/Windows/User

  • Clean the Eden folder (databases/errors/sessions/uploads)
  • Clean the admin folder (errors & sessions)
    cd \web2py
    copy applications\eden\static\scripts\tools\ .
    c:\bin\python26\python py2exe
  • Remove unwanted folders from dist/applications/eden
    • .bzr
    • .git
    • compiled
    • docs
    • tests
    • static/scripts/gis/GeoExt/.*
    • static/scripts/gis/openlayers/.*
    • static/selenium
  • Add missing file & then run the program once
    cd \web2py
    copy splashlogo.gif dist
    cd dist
    # Ignore the NEWINSTALL error
  • Modify as follows:
    default_application = 'eden'    # ordinarily set in base
    default_controller = 'default'  # ordinarily set in app-specific
    default_function = 'index'      # ordinarily set in app-specific
  • Delete the examples & welcome folders
  • Delete sahana-eden-setup.exe in the Web2Py Directory if it exists
  • Download: and copy the unpacked files to your web2py rootdir
  • Download & install:
  • Open NSIS -> Compile NSI scripts -> File -> Load Script -> Select end-user-install.nsi in your web2py rootdir -> OK
  • After a few seconds: The new sahana-eden-setup.exe should be in your web2py directory

Possible Improvements the installer

  • Is it better to set migrate=False? (Less easy to add new modules)
  • Is it better to have a larger download & include the compiled app?
  • Remove all the Debug mode files? (Ext/GeoExt/OpenLayers/jQuery/UI/etc)

Developer installer


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