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Virtual Machine

This virtual machine has been built to allow Developers to get operational quickly (1 Gb):

It is in the Open Virtual Machine format for use in either VirtualBox or VMWare.

It is currently running the Ubuntu 10.04 OS with Web2Py-r2179, Eden-r946 & Eclipse 3.6

Usage Guidelines

  1. The ubuntu user and the admin account of web2py have the password set to: eden
  2. The web2py directory on the desktop contains the web2py release and a bzr branch of Eden Trunk located in
  3. Eclipse is preconfigured with the above directory.
  4. Firefox is pre-populated with Eden bookmarks.

Notes on VMWare Fusion install

To import the download VM into VMware Fusion, use the following steps.

  1. File > New
  2. Click Continue without disc
  3. Select Use an existing virtual disk
  4. Select Eden-VM.vmdk
  5. Select Make a separate copy of the virtual disk
  6. Click Choose
  7. Click Continue
  8. OS=Linux and Version=Ubuntu should be selected, click Continue, Click Finish
  9. Enter name for new VMware image e.g. Eden in the Virtual Machines directory
  10. Click Save

Remember to install the Linux VMware Tools after starting up the Eden machine using Virtual Machine > Install VMware Tools

sudo su -

And accept all the default options

Maintenance Docs

NB It is best if the VM is maintained using the original VirtualBox image & then re-exported to OVF

sudo su -
apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
rm /var/cache/apt/archives/*
cd Desktop/web2py
bzr up
cd applications/eden
bzr pull

After removing any unwanted packages, purge the filesystem using:

COLUMNS=200 dpkg -l | grep ^rc | awk '{print $2} ' | xargs dpkg -P
rm -f /var/log/*

The next 2 steps are unnecessary if exporting to OVF?

Overwrite the freespace with zeroes:

Compress the VDI disk image:



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