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Sahana Internship Program - 2012

Meeting Notes

Software Development Interns


  • Supporting deployments of Sahana Eden
  • To improve the accuracy of Sahana Eden Documentation and ensure it is up to date
  • To increase the reliable of the Sahana Eden software through resolving bugs and automated tests
  • Tasks (Preliminary List)


Preliminary List:

  • Documentation of Project Module
  • Implement Schools Module
  • Write a Automated Selenium Test Scripts for a Module (or 3-4 Test Scripts), and make an improvement to the automated test framework
  • Fix a Difficult Bug from the Trac
  • Take on a small Project, like the NCSU ones
  • Refactor some of the code (including writing tests to ensure that the refactorization is correct)
  • Review the code for “@ToDo” and either do these - or log these as tickets
  • Port the Give2LA theme to the current Sahana Eden template framework
  • Participate in a Sahanathon
  • Review Wiki Projects to ensure that all are current
  • Port the Give2LA theme to the current Sahana Eden template framework
    • Review the CSS
    • Eliminate un-needed CSS
    • Better sort it
    • Review the Themes to eliminate duplicate CSS between themes (Fran - thoughts?)
  • Review the Automated Test Suite
  • Ensure that any new tests completed during GCI are included in the test suite.
  • Based on this task: and the spreadsheet it links to, make a list of the tests which still need to be automated.
  • Document the Project Module - include a description of ALL the different settings
  • Write up Deployment Page for Sahana Sunflower (This will be the basis for tasks throughout your internship)
  • Manage Improvements to PM Tool / Sunflower
    • Get outstanding tasks from existing Sunflower site
    • Review Permissions
    • Settings to have new tasks automatically assigned to specific people (based on people for project / activity?)
    • Different types of tasks
    • Filter lists for different users
      • Users can only see
    • Make it simpler to log bugs
      • Less fields
      • No login required - but allow user to specify who’s login it in a field
      • Add a default link to log a bug in Sunflower - which copies the current URL to the “Source” field
      • Log a bug when an error is encountered
      • If not already logged for this bug
    • Ability to “vote” on tasks


Somay Jain

Mentor: Michael Howden

S.P Mohanty

Mentor: Fran Boon

  • December 2012
    • Continuous Integration Server
  • January 2013
    • Continuous Integration Server
  • February 2013
    • Continuous Integration Server
  • March 2013

Ashwyn Sharma

Mentor: Fran Boon

  • December 2012
    • Sandy Tickets
  • January 2013
    • Requests Tickets
  • February 2013
    • Requests Tickets
  • March 2013

Communication Intern


  • Increase the awareness of Sahana
  • Ensure that external stakeholder understand:
    • The Value of Sahana
    • How Sahana Can be used


Preliminary List:

  • Review the Article on Sahana Deployments on the Website, Wiki & Book. Ensure that they are the same and updated
    • Mark Prutsalis: the website page has been updated, but it is not a comprehensive list - only highlights.
    • Mark Prutsalis: the eden wiki and main ssf wiki have differences that need to be reconciled

[we should probably figure out which pages to deprecate entirely and where to keep a master repository of all Sahana deployments, but this is not a starting intern task]

  • Review Wiki - ensure that the navigation flows,index pages have a full list of links and out-of-date pages are updated/removed
  • Review Blog
  • Update my (Michael) photo on the blog
  • Blog on EUROSHA project in Kenya (every two weeks); include photos, etc. (Marine)
  • Write up project pages on website (EUROSHA, IFRC, Occupy Sandy, Give2LA, ADPC) (Marine)
  • Participate (& Publicize) in a Sahanathon
  • Develop a Social Media Strategy
  • Setting up a Sahana Software Foundation Mailing list (Not a discussion list - just for announcements eg MailChimp)
  • Update Sahana Eden Brochure
  • Create a Sahana Software Foundation Brochure
  • Design a Sahana Software Foundation Poster to promote our work at conferences/events
  • Review, identify static pages that need to be updated, and update them.
  • Write Case Studies of Sahana’s use for addition to web site (above - project pages)
  • Arrange Community Call - send reminders - invite special guests
  • Coordinate Communications from Interns - write up/edit a monthly reports on software development interns for community / blog
  • Generate Demo data for demo site
  • Blog post on GCI


Esteve Giraud

Mentor: Leslie Hawthorn

  • December 2012
    • Blogs about Internship Program (Serie of 8 articles: introduction, 1 x 6 intern, conclusion)
  • January 2013
    • Post on occupy Sandy, based on:
      • Devin’s presentation on during the community call (12/12/12) (See Notes)
    • Document Blog Post Process
  • February 2013
  • March 2013

Marine Louvigny

Mentor: Mark Prutsalis

  • December 2012
    • Blog about EUROSHA project
  • January 2013
    • Blog on IFRC/RMS
    • Assist w/ organizing the community call for Feb
  • February 2013
  • March 2013
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