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Note: As of January 2012, BZR/Launchpad info for eden is deprecated. Please visit the GitHub page. Thanks.
There are an increasing number of requests from organisations on the ground to run something locally for operational management &/or data collection for the central hub.

Linux OS for a useful tool

Happy User comments: I started using Puppy Linux about 3 - 4 months ago. It just seemed the Most User Friendly and was small and it worked on first try. It's .ISO image cd worked on my sony laptop and the flash drive boot worked on my toshiba latop and found my wireless network without any problems. I was online within minutes happily reading my email and surfing the internet.

Puppy Linux can boot from a USB FLash Disk thumb drive on newer PC's direct from a BIOS boot drive selection (usually hitting the Delete key or the F12 key). Puppy Linux can also boot directly from a CD disk drive from a CD disk

The ".ISO" 105 Megabyte Puppy Linux file download is burned slowly at x4 or x8 speed onto a new empty CD-R disk with multisession enabled. This Puppy Linux CD will just boot up and run with out any hard disk drive at all and will save files written back to the same CD. Using Puppy Linux is a good choice to get infrastructure built up again in Haiti for extremely low cost!

  • PuppyLinux Puppy Linux 4.3.1 from (((WB7ODYFredOregon))) This 106 Megabyte Download for booting from multisession CD-R / CD-RW drive or botting from USB FLash Disk Drive. Puppy Linux has a Universal Installer application that allows for installing to a CD disk or a Full Hard drive or a USB Flash Disk. Boot Flash Installer is just for inatalling to a USB FLash Disk thumb drive. Easy to carry in your pocket files are saved to the USB Flash Disk, so you have and keep your changes and updates on the same device. Best use of USB FLash Disk drive. Your OS, your apps and your data are kept with you if you plug this into a new PC and boot with it. Very Very Useful! Supports many wired ethernet Cards, wireless PCI cards, and wireless WIFI USB dongles directly with no additional downloads. Has a SIP Voice over IP (VoIP) application named PSIP to use speaker and microphone to make telephone calls over the internet to other PSIP telephone stations. If you setup an account with an Internet Telephone Service Provider (ITSP) you can make long distance and international calls to standard telephones, but these calls are not free, you do need to pay the ITSP bill.
  • Debian base Puppy Linux "Woof" build from debian sources. Can use existing apt-get Debian application binaries to run on dpup PuppyLinux OS. Dpup is a good stable puppy linux with many applications in a small size (100+ Megabytes).

Puppy Linux has a nice set of applications, Seamonkey Web Browser,Semonkey Email app, Xchat IRC app, Geany Text Editor, DidiWIki Personal Wikie, Graphical File Transfer Program (gFTP), PSIP Voice over IP, Transmission Bit Torrent Client, VLC Media Player, Inkscape Vector editor, Abiword Document Editor (exports PDF files directly). additional optional installation of OpenOffice 3.1.1 application Writer, Calc, Impress.
English Open Office v 3.1.1 .PET File for installation to PuppyLinux
PuppyLinux Google Search tool

Installing Linux to USB Flash DIsk Drive from MS Windows

Two methods for installing Puppy Linux

Installing Linux to USB Flash Disk or CD from Linux

EEE User instructions for installing Puppy Linux

  • These instructions Universal Installer Procedure would also work for installing to a USB Flash Disk drive for a normal PC usage.

Puppy Linux Getting started Page 2, installation methods

Regular Puppy Howto Install page Installing Puppy to Flash memory HowTo page

Using Puppy Linux WB7ODY Freds personal ideas on using Puppy Linux in x86 PCs on the ground in Haiti.

English Open Office v 3.1.1 .PET File for installation to PuppyLinux


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