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    5959 * Test the XForms controller with component resource to have OCRable forms to collect this info
     61=== Rotary Club ===
     62Rotary Club want to train 750-1000 volunteers to collect data.
     63 * Format of Data: Unknown but maybe [ ECB's Rapid Assessment Tool] - Fran will code this up as a module
     64 * Want to be able to collect data on offline laptops & sync to base
     65  * This means that the schema for this module is pretty fixed as we can't update remote laptops
     66   * Extra data can be incoporated into comments fields for transferring to new optional fields centrally by-hand
     67   * Can still develop UI tweaks to ease data entry (just won't be visible to remote laptops): Labels/Help
     68   * Can still develop Reporting functionality
     69   * Can still develop other modules
     70  * Power may be an issue, so best to have printed copies of the Assessment Tool as well
     71  * Sync process should be tested thoroughly (even if kept to a very simple Data upload facility)
     72 * SMS
     73  * Outbound to alert teams (working with a local telco to get details)
     74  * SMS inbound for them to report incidents (separate to the general public whose reports we can pull from Ushahidi so can use the general shortcode)
     75 * Volunteer Management? (We have a lot of volunteers being managed here!)
    6176== Bugs ==
    6277None currently :)