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The Sahana Software Foundation have a site up to support the Floods Response in Pakistan:

Although there are a number of information management tools providing resources on the Pakistan Flood Response, Sahana specialises in providing open data which means that instead of just providing narrative documents which need to be manually searched for the required data. This means:

  • It can provide the raw data, in various formats, including on maps, to help the relief efforts and longer term recovery.
  • Because Sahana is built on an open source Rapid Application Development framework and supported by a global community of volunteers, new features can quickly developed in response to changing requirements on-the-ground.

How Sahana Can Help You

How You Can Help Sahana

  • Help with Data Entry to compile information from various sources
  • Write Code to contribute to Sahana (The software uses Python, JS, HTML and CSS)
  • Help to create better documentation and videos to support the users. Email your desired username to michael at to get editing privileges.
  • Spread the word!
  • This is a project of the Non-Profit Sahana Software Foundation. You can Donate Here to help support these efforts.

Contact Us

  • For coordination and user support: sahana-pakistan-2010 at
  • For technical discusions about the software and support with developing code: sahana-eden at
  • You can also join the Sahana Team Chat: (IRC #sahana-eden)

Situation Report

For details about what the SSF and Sahana Eden communities have undertaken to date.

  • [SSF and Sahana Eden Response to the 2010 Pakistan Floods]

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