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The Sahana Software Foundation have a site up to support the Floods Response in Pakistan:

Although there are a number of information management tools providing resources on the Pakistan Flood Response, Sahana is special because:

  • Specialises in providing Open Data which means that it can provide the raw data, in various formats, including on maps (not just narrative documents which need to be manually searched).
  • Built on an open source Rapid Application Development framework and supported by a global community of volunteers, so new features can quickly be developed in response to changing requirements on-the-ground.

How Sahana Can Help You

How You Can Help Sahana


Currently the Sahana Software Foundation is working with:

Please contact us if you would also like to partner with the Sahana Software Foundation to help assist the relief efforts.

Coordination Meetings

Contact Us

  • For coordination and user support: User Group
  • For technical discusions about the software and support with developing code: Developer Group
  • You can also join the Sahana Team Chat: (IRC #sahana-eden)

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