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Pakistan Data Entry

There is a large amount of information available from different sources. One of the goals of Sahana is to provide a single portal where data can then be analysed compiled and accessed in different formats to assist in the response effort:

  • Web Pages
  • Maps
  • Excel

You can help by going through different sources and entering what information you can into Sahana. There is also a lot of work which can be done to compile and clean lists of locations.

This can make the difference for people in the field, who no longer have to download a 1.6 MB document because Sahana can display the information on a simple, searchable webpage.

Simple and URGENT tasks

Create List of Union Councils

  1. Open the spreadsheet for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province (also used by OSM) or Other Provinces.
  2. Choose a District or Tehsil (a sub region within a district) and search for the Union Councils within the Tehsil.
  3. Enter each Union Council in a new row in the spreadsheet, which includes correct Tehsil (or District if that's all that is available)
  4. Add the lat and lon, if available, and the Source (wikipedia URL)
  5. Putting any villages which you know are in a specific Union Council would be even better.

Potential sources:


Shelters and Assessments

How To


Register on Sahana. This will give you permission to add data. User Guide

Reference Documents

  1. Find a data source relevant to the Flooding in Pakistan. Some examples are listed below.
    • Try and find information which will be useful to the people who have been affected by the flooding, or those who are trying to assist them.
    • Documents with tables in them are most likely to contain information which can be entered into Sahana.
    • Summary Documents providing information on the whole country are less useful than documents with information on Provinces, Districts or Villages (best).
  2. Check the existing list of Documents to ensure that the document hasn't been entered
  3. Add this data source to the Document Library
  4. Open this document and review the information it contains.
  5. Add any relevant data to the Assessment, Incident Report, Inventory, Shelter, Flood Report and/or Request Tab. You may need to add multiple records under each of these tabs.

Important Because every disaster is different, there may be data which we are not capturing which is reoccuring in the reference document. Please contact sahana-eden at to suggest new fields or data types which could be added to Sahana.


You will have to add locations for a lot data, so that this data can be displayed on the map. Check the list of before adding new locations to avoid duplicates. Leave blank for data which applies to the entire country or disaster.

In order to view data on the map, we need Latitude and Longitude information for the Location.

  1. Find Locations on the list without Lat/Long data (Especially Provinces and Districts)
  2. Find the Lat/Lon for these using Wikipedia, or Google Maps
  3. Add the Wikipedia page to the location for reference.



Data Sources

If you have another source which think that data can be added to please edit the wiki yourself or contact sahana-eden at

If a source has already been entered, strike it out (Note, some sources will have to be continuously re-checked for new data)

(Ushahidi data is being imported automatically)



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