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Pakistan Developers

Feature Requests


  • Fix Clustering: #498
  • Popup to add Location by placing cursor on Map: #487
  • Hierarchical Autocomplete for Locations
    • Plain Autocomplete useful as intermediate step
  • Import Locations
  • Lock down L1-L3 Locations
  • De-duplication of existing locations: #482
  • Customised Popups for Incidents, Assessments & Requests
    • Hide fields which aren't so necessary to make the critical ones stand out
  • Fresh water source PoIs
    • Water FeatureClass is there in the Programme FeatureGroup, so can be added already although a nicer UI would be great
    • Could also have a custom map query which displays a Water layer for all Shelters which provide Water Services
  • Setup GeoServer & import GeoData into that for more advanced GIS: #497


See: BluePrintInventoryManagement

Shelter Registry

  • On the map, where it shows the shelter, it should show the comments as well, so that one could easily find the requisite facilities. These facilities should be searchable though.
  • Move School Reports to CR (they are Shelters) (-> PTressel)
    • When adding a Union Council from a School Report, would be nice to have the Parent pre-populated too
  • Link CR to RMS
    • We can use auto complete in the Shelter/Relief Camp text box, as the number of shelters would be large; or we can use Ajax to populate the combo box of shelters that are registered at a location, after the user chooses the location.
  • Provide Estimations of Requirements


Incident Reporting

  • .represent for irs_iimage.image as a thumbnail (like for gis_marker)




  • Would be good to write a custom PDF writer for this format of report so we can consider getting people to enter data into DB directly.
    • split column headers
    • (dominic) A nice printable HTML works as good as custom PDF, but can be achieved sooner
  • PDF Importer?
  • Test the XForms controller with component resource to have OCRable forms to collect this info

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