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Subscription Project

Ideally Sahana Eden would be able to notify users of new information. This could be done by:

  • Email
  • SMS
  • IM
  • Twitter (?)
  • Carrier Pigeon (I'm sure there'll be a Python module for it!)

This project would be closely integrated with the Save Search Project, as the best way to determine the search subscriptions would be through specific searches, allow the users to stay updated on new information matching a search.

This project will involve:

  • Develop data model for subscriptions
  • UI for subscribing to resources & searchs
  • UI for updating subscriptions
  • Styling for emails
  • Way of representing resources for IM/SMS messages

Additional Features:

  • Custom frequency of notification (per new information, per day, per week)
  • Subscribe for New and/or Update

A simple version was implemented in the DRR Project Portal

Also see: Projects/Advanced/MigrateDRRProjectPortal

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