Save Search Project

Status: Implemented - wiki:DeveloperGuidelines/SaveSearchAndSubscription

Users should be able to save searches which they make (See: BluePrintSearch), revisit them and even Subscribe to them to receive updates (This would be separate functionality see: Projects/Advanced/Subscription). This project will involve:

  • Developing a data model to store searches.
  • Developing a widget to the search page allowing them to be saved
  • Developing a user interface to allow users to review their save searches

Additional Features:

  • Ranking searches
  • Sharing searches

This project would extend the RESTful Search Methods from Examples of these searches:

A simple version was implemented in the DRR Project Portal:

Also see: Projects/Advanced/MigrateDRRProjectPortal

Blueprint: BluePrint/SaveSearch_Sub
Developer Guidelines: DeveloperGuidelines/SaveSearchAndSubscription
User Guidelines: UserGuidelines/Tutorial/SaveSearchAndSubscription

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