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ESTG Summer of Code

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ESTG have 15-25 1st year CS students (in teams, where-appropriate) working full time from 23 June to 15 September (350 hrs total) on projects. They need these projects to pass their exams & cannot work on commercial projects. They have currently got experience in C, PHP, Java, HTML5 and JavaScript. They have 5 teachers available as supervisors and the students will be working from the labs where they have workstations, whiteboards, etc. 2 of the teachers have experience of Python/Web2Py.

The first week will be spent on getting their developer environments set up, going through the exercises in the Book, practising with Git & familiarising themselves with both the Domain & the Tools (IRC, Wiki).

  • Antonio will ensure they submit their CLAs

Students should only take projects from the list which have an assigned Code Mentor, who will review & merge their work into Trunk.

  • the domain mentor for these projects is optional

Domain Mentors may add projects to the list whilst trying to find someone who can act as a code mentor.

Mentors need to rank the students on their work in this spreadsheet (only mentors allowed access to this sheet):


Project URL Domain Mentor Code Mentor Student(s)
Image Layers on Map n/a Fran
OpenStreetMap PoI Layers n/a Fran
Map SubFolders n/a Fran

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