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    1212=== Action !ToDos in code ===
    13 Search the code for {{{@ToDo}}}, e.g.:
     13NOTE: The line reference may no longer be correct, so the code for {{{@ToDo}}} or the variable names, e.g.:
    1414* Migrate represents to S3Represent
    15  * project_assignee_represent (
    16  * project_task_represent (
     15 * project_assignee_represent (, for an example see: project_TaskRepresent ( or search for other uses of S3Represent.
    1716* Migrate custom methods to use settings.get_ui_formstyle()
    1817 * S3ImportPoI (
    2322 *
    2423 * e.g. with the event_resource model:
     24* For all {{@ToDo}}}s see:
    2525=== Fix a Ticket ===
    2626Pick a ticket (which could be a bug or an enhancement) from First ensure that you can repeat this in your local instance - if not: MODIFY TICKET > resolve as > worksforme. If the bug is still present, assign the ticket to yourself. Then fix the bug or implement the feature. Submit your code as a patch to the ticket on Trac, then notify the Sahana-Eden mailing list about your patch for verification. Please submit as a patch file, not zipped. That makes it easier to review without downloading and unzipping. Alternatively (preferred method) push your code in a single commit to your Github repository and make a pull request.