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This page contains ideas for projects which contributors with diverse skills and expertise can work on. Projects are divided into:

People are welcome to start working on any project which interests them. They are advised to notify Mailing List first, to get the latest status of the project and ensure that there is no overlap and are welcome to contact community members on Chat for assistance. The first step to get started would be to find or create the BluePrint page for the project and start to formally document the design for your project following the BluePrint Template.

Events and Programs

This list is used to provide projects for people attending various Sahana Events and Programs. Projects which are suitable for a specific event or program will be marked with its initials, however people associated with these events are welcome to work on other projects.

Google Code In 2011 (GCI)

GCI Task List

Google Summer of Code 2011

See for more details.

Google Code In 2010 (GCI)

Google Code In 2010-11

Grace Hopper Celebration Codeathon for Humanity 2010 (GHC)

GHC2010 Sahana-Eden Home Each Codeathon table has an etherpad page for collaboration -- find your table's page here.

Grace Hopper Celebration Codeathon for Humanity 2011 (GHC)

GHC2011 Sahana-Eden Home

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