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The main purpose of the Quick Links page is to provide users with quick and easy access to the main topics of Sahana Eden. Feel free to add any main topics to the page and be sure to link it to the topic's index page. *All main headers are links, with the exception of the Quick Links header, and the Google Code-In Contest header.


BluePrints are the main structure of how Sahana Eden is built. Here you will find information regarding the structure and components of Sahana Eden and information for components to help contribute to the community.

Developer Guidelines

Here, you will find information regarding the development of Sahana Eden such as how to get started, which includes tutorials, the development process and the development environment, the framework, and other resources relating to development.


On the event page, you'll find all of the events that are a part of Sahana.

Installation Guidelines

The Installation Guidelines page will have information concerning the download and installment of Sahana Eden.


Listed on the Projects page, you'll find projects that you can do to help the further development and improvement of Sahana Eden. These projects vary widely in skill level and category, such as coding, non-coding, design, and infrastructure.


ALL of the pages created on the Sahana Eden Wiki are listed alphabetically in the index.

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