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S3XML On-the-fly Transformation

At a glance

S3XRC can perform XSLT transformation of XML/JSON sources on-the-fly upon data export and import.

The XSLT stylesheets to use for this transformation can be either:

  • integrated in Eden (folder static/xslt)
  • in a static file elsewhere on the server
  • anywhere on the web
  • attached to the request (at import)

Integrated Stylesheets

These will automatically used if no other stylesheet is specified. The integrated stylesheets reside in:

  • static/xslt/export for export transformation (S3XML into other format)
  • static/xslt/import for import transformation (other format into S3XML)

The name of the respective stylesheet must be <extension>.xsl, where <extension> is the file extension of the respective format, e.g.:

  • pfif.xsl transforms from/to *.pfif from *.xml

Formats *.xml and *.json will not be transformed.

XSLT Stylesheets on the Server

  • coming soon...

XSLT Stylesheets on the Web

  • coming soon...

Attached XSLT Stylesheets

  • coming soon...


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