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S3UI v1 - ExtJS based UI for Eden

S3XRC being a powerful backend that serves XML and JSON in a RESTful manner has now got a front-end framework that can exploit its positives. S3UI - the new ExtJS based front-end help us not only utilize S3XRC but also save a lot of bandwidth by exchanging information in JSON instead of full page reloads. This in turn aims to create an easy and quick workflow for different tasks that a user does with Sahana Eden.


S3UI Framework mind map

S3UI Framework is has 4 major components

  • Custom views - these views contain appropriate javascript and html required to render the S3UI widgets, however they are minimal and look almost similar to old views for matter of simplicity and similarity.
  • Javascript -
    • _s3ui_list.js - generates the grid view, included by _s3ui_list and _s3ui_list_create views -
      • Setting up metadata
      • fetching column model
      • Parsing json data from s3xrc into an Ext Datastore
      • Configuring and rendering a Grid widget on desired DOM element
  • core.js -
    • Provides S3UI objects and S3UI_Elements list
    • Manages creation of different widgets - used in custom views
    • Naming convention -
      • data_FunctionName - any function pertaining to parsing, formatting or manipulating data, nothing that affects UI
      • tools_FunctionName - various helpers that aid larger widgets - Eg. plugin implementors, micro-widget generators (date picker, checkbox, combo box)
      • widget_FunctionName - Larger widgets that can be used directly to create new visible UI elements
  • plugins - various ExtJS based plugins used by core.js
    • is used to override necessary functions of that are useful to S3UI
    • Alters flow through pre, post hooks to plug in code required by new UI
    • list_fields is no longer relevant, the modified S3XRC has a url/listfileds.json handler that gives back list of fields needed by a resource, it is implemented in the post processing hook here.
    • Implements xrc_list - a replacement for shn_list. It doesn't do as much work as shn_list, but leaves the rendering of datagrid to the frontend, page loads fast but rest of the processing is done by core.js
    • contains S3XRC_FRONTEND switch. Whats that? setting S3XRC_FRONTEND = false results in disabling all S3UI functionalities and lets one fall back to old UI. Useful when S3UI fails, or for testing.
    • overrides shn_rest_controller to setup hooks.


  • Grid View widget -
    • Seen in _s3ui_list , _s3ui_list_create views
    • Utilized in _s3ui_list.js
    • Produced by core.js -
      • once all required metadata is setup (see _s3ui_list.js), the following are called up in order -
        • widgets_getGridView()
        • widgets_gridView.create(dom element id)
  • Rheader tabs -
    • Seen in _s3ui_update , _s3ui_display views as they are found to be primary to record's default view
    • Utilized in _s3ui_update and _s3ui_display views itself
    • Produced by core.js -
      • once base_url, update_url, uid_prefix, setupElementNames() is set, following are called to produce tabs
        • widgets_tabs_parseHtml() [ subject to change in version 2 ]
        • widgets_tabs_render()
  • widgets_formPanel -
    • Seen in grid view widget, views where there are no records in the list
    • widgets_formPanel parameters
      • action - either of 'create' or 'update' indication which type of form window to generate
      • window title - caption for form window
    • also has ability to generate buttons for actions - widgets_formPanel_createButton(action, caption, title, dom element id)
    • handles form submission, has very basic error indicaton as of now.



Q. How to turn off S3UI and fall back to old UI?

A. In models/ change -




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