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The idea is to create a website that informs the public
of available disaster shelters. Hopefully, this will
benefit those who are left temporarily or permanently
homeless in the aftermath of a disaster.


  • Website allows users and shelter administrators to register
  • Users can log on and view shelter information
  • Shelter administrators can log on and edit their shelter's information (address, capacity, current enrollment)
  • Users can find closest shelter to their home address (Google Maps Implementation)
  • Website will send alerts to registered users during emergencies
  • Users can register for volunteer work
  • Volunteer work can include surveying people staying in shelters (satisfaction, food quality, sleeping environment, etc.)
  • Volunteer survey information can then be displayed to public via website
  • Users can donate on website

Project Mind Map Link:


  • Website should allow creation of accounts (User and Shelter)
  • Users should be able to log on and view available shelters
  • Shelter Administrators should be able to log on and post information about their shelter (Address, Capacity, Current Enrollment)
  • Google Maps should be integrated to show available shelters relative to user's home address
  • Users should be able to register for volunteer work on website

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