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Crisis Camp for Pakistan in TW

  • Date/Time:Aug. 24th, 0900-1800 UTC+8
  • Location: Institute of Information Science, Academia Sinica, Taiwan
  • Contact:[at]


  • 楊靖國 Keith Yang
  • 紀博文 Powen Chi
  • 蔡承翰 Nick Tsai
  • 葉信源 Iap
  • 李柏鋒 Pofeng Lee
  • 蕭景燈 Dr. Hsiao
  • 胡崇偉 marr
  • 劉曉栴 Hsiaojan

Other Tasks


Types of incident report

assigned to marr, keith

  • simple list - ticket #508
    1. Broken road
    2. Broken bridge
    3. Landslide
    4. Building collapsed
    5. People trapped
    6. Power failure
  • BluePrintIncidentReporting - another proposal to include 1) radio-button switching dropdown menu between simple and full options 2) config menu for mapping simple and full options
  • Ref: Mapper stage -
  • Work around -
       irs_simple_type_mapping = {
           1: T("Broken road"),
           2: T("Broken bridge"),
           3: T("Landslide"),
           4: T("Building collapsed"),
           5: T("People trapped"),
           6: T("Power failure"),
       #table.category.requires = IS_NULL_OR(IS_IN_SET(irs_incident_type_opts))
       table.category.requires = IS_NULL_OR(IS_IN_SET(irs_simple_type_mapping))
       table.category.represent = lambda opt: irs_simple_type_mapping.get(opt, opt)
       #table.category.represent = lambda opt: irs_incident_type_opts.get(opt, opt)

Search button for all modules with search function

assigned to nick

  • It's hard since the search box is generated INSIDE the datatables plugin. TW team has work arounds are that
    • 1)to have message to instruction usage which has been developed
    • 2)longer the time of auto-matching activation which we have no idea how to develop.

Geo hirachical level and location selector

assigned to iap

Have almost been done for Pakistan, but polish needed.

Home Page

Assign to Hsiaojan

CSS modification

assign to Po-wen

based on

*Sahana-eden revision: 1086 *New action-btn Screenshot


*New Rheader Tabs Screenshot


Import Documents from Feeds


Assigned to Nick

Display Images

work on image thumbnames (to avoid downloading the entire image) + displaying them on the map.

Open Tickets

Pakistan | PakistanDevelopers

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