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Taiwan Settings

Remember to see ConfigurationGuidelines first. And here are example configuration and settings for Taiwan development and deployment.

Basic Settings

Note: As of January 2012, BZR/Launchpad info for eden is deprecated. Please visit the GitHub page. Thanks.

After bzr checking out the codes, first time running with python -S eden -M should fail, but generating eden/models/ file. Edit eden/models/ and remember to set FINISHED_EDITING_CONFIG_FILE = True. Here are some recommended settings:

  deployment_settings.L10n.countries = ["TW"]
  deployment_settings.L10n.utc_offset = "UTC +0800"
  deployment_settings.gis.edit_L0 = False
  deployment_settings.gis.edit_L1 = False
  deployment_settings.gis.edit_L2 = False
  deployment_settings.gis.edit_L3 = False
  deployment_settings.gis.locations_hierarchy = {
  #   "L4":T("Village"),
      "L5":T("Location"), # Street Address

To Import Admin Names for Taiwan

Add this to your Prepopulate tasks.cfg:


To Enable OpenID Auth

Make sure the settings in eden/models/ is ready:

deployment_settings.auth.openid = True

Use the file at instead of original one, placed in web2py/gluon/contrib/login_methods/

To Enable SMS Service

  • Administration -> Messaging -> Global Messaging Settings -> Default Country Code: 886
  • Edit Gateway Setting.
  • Patch eden/modules/
        # Italy keeps 0 after country code
    clean = str(self.default_country_code) + clean
    elif self.default_country_code == 886:
        clean = clean
             def dispatch_to_pe_id(pe_id):
                 table3 = db.pr_pe_contact
    -            query = (table3.pe_id == pe_id) & (table3.contact_method == contact_method)
    +            query = (table3.pe_id == pe_id) & (table3.contact_method == contact_method) & (table3.deleted == False)
  • Edit eden/cron/crontab.

To Include Microblogging Service

Modify eden/views/rssviewer.html:

title: 'Twitter',
url: ''

title: 'Plurk',
url: ''

To Run with WSGI

Modify web2py/ if openid_auth enabled:

import sys
import os
sys.stdout = sys.stderr

Edid Map Service Configuration

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