jQuery Upgrades

Read through release notes & identify which version you want to upgrade to for:

  • jQuery
  • jQuery Migrate
  • jQuery UI

Upgrade Files

jQuery & jQuery Migrate are both simply stored in static/scripts

jQuery UI is spread across:

  • static/scripts/ui
  • static/styles/ui
  • static/img/jquery-ui
  • static/themes/foundation/jquery-ui.theme.css

Use the Themeroller URL on the current theme file to download a new one, along with associated images

Clear the old versions (although leave additional plugins, such as fgtimepicker, multiselect, timepicker-addon

Update the file locations in views/jquery.html & views/scripts_top.html

If-necessary, update locations in static/scripts/tools/sahana.js.cfg &/or modules/templates/default/css.cfg


  • In debug mode carry out these actions, looking at the console including jQuery Migrate output.
  • Repeat all tests in non-debug mode, looking at the console (jQuery Migrate won't be loaded)

Default Template

  • Registration form (Password Strength) (/eden/default/user/register)
  • modals (/eden/org/office/create. Add Organisation inline)
  • Location Selector(/eden/org/office/create)
  • dataTables (/eden/org/organisation. Create record & return to List)
  • Pivot Tables (/eden/org/organisation/report)
  • Autocomplete (/eden/hrm/staff/create. Add Person in widget
  • Date Picker (/eden/hrm/staff/create)
  • Image Crop (/eden/hrm/staff select created staff & click on empty profile pic)

IFRC Template

  • jsTree (/eden/org/organisation/1/hierarchy)
  • Calendars (login as, /eden/hrm/staff/create)
  • Organizer (login as & manage a Member's Profile)
  • Profile Page Tabs
  • Roles Manager (/eden/admin/role/4/update)

UCCE Template

  • Template editor (edit Survey, add 1 of each Question Type, Move them around)
  • Survey reports (add records in dynamic table, set a filter, view report, filter it)
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