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Test Cases, Coverage and Test Assignments

Discussion on Testing should take plave on the main -eden Mailing List.

High Priority Focuses for testing

Production testing is done as a result of doing Data Entry - this is usually the critical path as we're generally short on data & this is the area which needs to be made more bullet-proof & smooth. Data Entry tasks can be coordinated using a Google Spreadsheet, like this one used for Haiti.

Testing Coverage

  • It would be good if members of the QA team specialize on testing certain modules in the system.
  • More than one person can subscribe for a module and report their test coverage.
  • Please select an area for testing and add yourself to the page
Module Tester name / email
Map person1 /
Missing Persons person2
Requests person3
Hospitals person 3
Volunteers person2
Organizations person4
Situation Reports person4
Shelter Registry person5
Ticketing Module person6
etc etc

Specific Deployments



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