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Installation issues

  • Check the version of Python
  • Check the version of Web2Py that was used for the Sahana release you downloaded
  • Check the permissions of the web2py and Sahana application files
  • Check models/ connection string to see that it is either sqllite or a valid mysql connection on your machine

Update issues

  • Check the database connection settings in models/
  • Clear the /sessions directory - Lingering sessions on your browser can cause issues after an update
  • Clear the /databases directory
  • Drop and Create the database if mysql
  • Restart Web2Py
  • Check the version of Web2Py that was used for the source branch that you merged from

Data Migration

IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied

This happens with cygwin patch on Win32.

Solution is to copy the file on filesystem to another name, then delete original & rename back.


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