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Installation issues

  • Check the version of Python
  • Check the version of Web2Py that was used for the Sahana release you downloaded
  • Check the permissions of the web2py and Sahana application files
  • Check models/ connection string to see that it is either sqllite or a valid mysql connection on your machine

Problem while importing appliance file

If error received during importing appliance process,

  • Check the version of for the latest build
  • Ensure not corrupted
  • Download the appliance again.
  • Import appliance again.
  • Review ApplianceError_RR.doc attachment for step by step view and environment summary.

Update issues

  • Check the database connection settings in models/
  • Clear the /sessions directory - Lingering sessions on your browser can cause issues after an update
  • Clear the /databases directory
  • Drop and Create the database if mysql
  • Restart Web2Py
  • Check the version of Web2Py that was used for the source branch that you merged from

Data Migration

IOError: [Errno 13] Permission denied

This happens with cygwin patch on Win32.

Solution is to copy the file on filesystem to another name, then delete original & rename back.


if you get an error in Session._try_store_on_disk() that there is an object in dict(self) that cannot be pickled, then print out the dict(self) immediately before the exception gets raised, and look for any unusual objects (all callables, an instances of most classes are wrong - whereas atomic values and Storages/dicts/lists are fine). In doubt try to (c)pickle.dump each and every type at the CLI.

Then look where this object gets stored in the session (that can take a lot of time because it could be hundreds of occurences and thus be difficult to identify the wrong case). If you can find it - either try to replace the object instance by something that can be pickled, or move the instance into response.s3 or into current.

iter() returned non-iterator of type '_timelex'

If this occurs when importing date fields then it's due to an incorrect version of the Python dateutil module (should be 1.5, this error occurs with 2.0)

Ticket: unknown

If you get a Ticket but Web2Py cannot write it to the screen then check stderr as Web2Py will write it out there

IPython won't support

ImportError: cannot import name path

Remove the from site-packages which is installed by numpy

Firefox issues

When using Firefox, the symptom is that Ext fails to load properly giving bizarre errors (can be missing several lines in the middle of the file!)

This is caused by a corrupt profile which can be fixed using:

Chrome issues

1Password doesn't like our Registration process.

Web2py issues

The current trunk of web2py can be found here - web2py

If traceback gives - <type 'exceptions.AttributeError'> 'Query' object has no attribute 'as_dict'

Check if web2py/gluon/ has a module named as_dict in class Query.

If not, update your web2py to the current trunk.

MySQL issues

MySQL Error 2006 ("Gone away") during DB pre-population or imports:

Possible cause: the size of a single record (e.g. gis_location) exceeds the max_allowed_packet size. Solution: increasing max_allowed_packet in my.cnf (under [mysqld]) to e.g. 128M might fix the problem.


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