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UUID conventions


All records in Sahana Eden which shall be shared with other instances or applications must have a universally unique identifier (UUID).

In Sahana Eden, these record UUIDs must be ASCII strings.

Eden automatically generates a UUID for each record according to the specifications in RFC4122:

All record UUIDs generated by Sahana Eden are strings in URN notation:


If a record is imported into Sahana Eden and it already has a UUID, then Eden will retain this UUID as-is (exception: local domain prefix, see below) - without any syntax validation. That means, no specific identifier schema is required. However: for consistency reasons, we recommend to use URNs even for other identifier schemas than UUID.

Domain Prefix

Some data formats (e.g. PFIF) may require a domain prefix for a UUID, followed by a slash:

Where such a domain prefix is used and it matches the local domain of the importing Sahana instance, it will be removed during import.

In exports, the transformation stylesheets for formats which require a domain prefix will prepend the local domain to each un-prefixed UUID.


We need an agreed set of UUIDs for GIS Data so that we can share data more easily across systems, such as the current Pakistan data


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