The Sahana Eden Wiki Users Guide

The Sahana Eden Wiki Users Guide is meant to give a general outline and instructions for this wiki's features including how to search for, improve, and add content.

Finding Content

For more, see Using Search.

The search box is located at the top right corner of every page on the wiki.

Once a query has been entered, the result can be filtered by check-boxes under the search field.

The result may be filtered by the following operators.

  • Wiki (Generally the only filter you want if you are searching for instructions on Sahana Eden)
  • Changesets
  • Milestones
  • Tickets

When looking for pages on the wiki, search though the Title Index (Link right under the search field) page is often easier then using the search tools. Look for the bold section headings to find the different content areas.

Some helpful sections on the index page are,

  • Wiki (For all on-site info about the wiki)
  • Frequently Asked (With separate pages for different categories of question)
  • S3 Framework (Helpful when developing Eden modules or other applications connecting to Eden via web services)
  • User (For all on-site user guidelines)
  • Installation (With subheaders for different platforms and guides for users or developers)

Editing Pages

For more, see TracWiki.

Note: You must be logged in before you can make any edits.

To the right of the title of every section of a wiki page is the edit button.Once you the edit page has been opened, you can improve and aspect of the section you have chosen to edit.

Editing wiki text is easy, using any web browser and a simple formatting system, rather than more complex markup languages like HTML. The reasoning behind its design is that HTML, with its large collection of nestable tags, is too complicated to allow fast-paced editing, and distracts from the actual content of the pages. Note though that Trac also supports HTML, reStructuredText and Textile as alternative markup formats.

If you would like practice editing pages or you want to test a feature, try out the SandBox. For help with the wiki formatting system, see WikiFormatting.

Creating a New Page

For more, see WikiNewPage

  1. Choose a name for your new page. See WikiPageNames for naming conventions.
  2. Edit an existing page (or any other resources that support WikiFormatting and add a link to your new page. Save your changes.
  3. Follow the link you created to take you to the new page. Trac will display a "describe PageName here" message.
  4. Click the "Edit this page" button to edit and add content to your new page. Save your changes.
  5. All done. Your new page is published.

Once published, your page can be edited at any time though the edit button( See Editing Pages, above).

See Also

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Note: See TracWiki for help on using the wiki.