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    127127Fill in the fields as follows:
    131   - ''go back to the [#Checklist Checklist]''
     130||Resource Name||Fill in the name of the master table of the resource. Details can be found in the documentation for the data model of your Sahana Eden application||req_req||
     131||Mode||Select the synchronization mode you wish to activate - pull, push or both. See [#Overview Synchronization Overview] to understand the mode||pull and push||
     132||Strategy||Choose the import methods you wish to allow for the synchronization of this resource||create, update, delete||
     133||Update Policy||Choose in which situation records shall be updated, see explanations below||NEWER||
     134||Conflict Policy||Choose in which situation records shall be updated in case of conflicts, see explanations below||NEWER||
     136==== Update Policy ====
     138If a record has been modified in one of the repositories, then the synchronization process has to decide whether to update the other repository with the new data or not. For this decision you can define a policy:
     141||THIS||Always update the remote repository with the local version of the record (overwrite remote updates)||
     142||NEWER||Update both repositories to the newest version of the record (keep the newer data)||
     143||MASTER||Update the record on either side only if the other side has originated the record (keep the master data)||
     144||OTHER||Always update the local repository with the remote version of the record (overwrite local updates)||
     146Usually, you would choose "NEWER" here unless you have a good reason to do otherwise.
     148==== Conflict Policy ====
     150If a record has been modified both in the local repository '''and''' the remote repository since the last synchronization time, then this is called a '''conflict''' situation, in which two concurrent record updates are available at the same time. To decide which of the updates shall be applied, you can define a policy similar to the [#UpdatePolicy Update Policy].
     152If you don't know what to select here, it is reasonable to choose the same option as for the [#UpdatePolicy Update Policy].
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    133155=== Synchronization Schedule ===