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    40 {{{
    41 If there is a marker attached to feature then it is used (over-rides all)
    42 If not then it checks if there's a marker for it's feature_class
    43 If so, it uses it
    44 If not, then it falls back to the default marker
    45 }}}
     40=== Features, Feature Classes & Feature Groups ===
     41==== Features====
     42 * A Feature is a record in the gis_location table.
     43 * This can be a point (Lat/Lon), Line or Polygon (WKT)
     44 * This can be referenced from other tables such as:
     45  * /pr/person/presence
     46 * If there is a marker assigned directly to a Feature then that is how the Feature will show up on the map.
     47==== Feature Classes====
     48 * A Feature Class is a record in this gis_feature_class table
     49 * It is a collection of Features of the same type
     50  * Share a comon Marker (unless over-ridden at the Feature level)
     51   * If no marker defined then the system default marker is used
     52  * Can be grouped together into Feature Groups
     53  * Link to a common resource for URLs & extra fields to pull into Map popups
     54==== Feature Groups====
     55 * A Feature Class is a record in this gis_feature_class table
     56 * This is used to provide Layers on the Map & Feeds for export/view by other systems
     57 * It is a collection of Features & Feature Groups
     58 * The default settings start with a Feature Group being created for each Feature Class
     60=== Symbology sets ===
     61 * Symbology sets can be used to provide a set of Icons for Feature Classes based  on deployment requirements, e.g. US FEMA