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    33== Spreadsheets ==
    44 * [ GSoC project] - not yet merged with Trunk
     5 === Steps ===
     6  * Spreadsheet importer, in its current form, can be used to import data in .XLS files to the Sahana Eden database
     7  * It has a spreadsheet like interface to enable users to edit spreadsheets in the browser itself.
     8  * Referenced resources, like pr_person in org_staff, can be imported as well.
     9  * Records, which could not be validated, are not inserted into the database. These records are displayed to the users in a spreadsheet interface. Records have at least one field in red.
     10   This is the field with in incorrect value. The format in which errors are displayed is :  <field-name>: <error> . You entered <value entered by user>. Records can then be corrected and re-imported.
     11  * The spreadsheet importer uses the Jaro-Winkler metric to determine the similarity of two rows. Similarity between rows is checked two at a time. Similar rows are displayed consecutively in another spreadsheet like interface. The user can choose to edit, delete and then import these rows to the database. Errors in these rows are displayed in the same form as described previously.
    613== Ushahidi ==