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    1717A list of sent item shipment include those which have been '''Sent''' and removed to the inventory and those of which are '''In Process''' and awaiting to be added into the inventory. Some item shipments will also be '''Received''', to indicate that they have been received by another inventory. When new shipments are sent, they can be entered here. Clicking on the '''Send Shipment''' button will process that shipment, removed it to the inventory and prevents the shipment from being edited (to preserve the audit trail).
     22= Workflow guideline to adjust stock levels =
     24== Introduction ==
     25This sub-module aims to help user to learn how to add adjust stock level. Do ensure that a Warehouse has been created beforehand.[[BR]]
     27== Workflow ==
     281)      When you start-up, click on Warehouse [[|Start-up]][[BR]]
     292)      On the left task-bar, under the heading “Warehouse stock”, you should see “Adjust Stock Levels”. Click on it.[[|Adjust Stock Levels]][[BR]]
     303)      Here, click on Add New Stock Adjustment. [[|Add New Stock Adjustment]][[BR]]
     314)      Input the name of person doing the transaction, warehouse and comments (if any) and click save.[[|Form layout to input details]][[BR]]
     325)      Here, adjust the stock level of the item you want. Set the quantity you want and also value per pack and other information according to your needs. [[|Adjust stock level here]][[BR]]
     336)      After you are done, click save.[[|Finish]][[BR]]
     35== Conclusion ==
     36With this, you have successfully adjust your stock level.
    1940== Also See ==
    2041 * UserGuidelines