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Message Parsing User Guidelines

Setting up a Twilio Account

1.Register for an account on Click on the Get Started button to get a free account.
2.Verify your mobile phone number. Remember you will only be able to send free outbound messages to verified numbers only.
3.Twilio will provide you with a free Incoming Number.Keep the number safe with you.Click on Get Started.
4.Now, click on Go to My Dashboard.
5.The Dashboard will display the ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN.These will be used to configure your settings on Eden.

Setting up Twilio on Eden

1.Go to
2.Click on the Twilio SMS Settings tab.
3.Now, click on Add Twilio Settings.
4.Fill in the details in the settings form.Provide your ACCOUNT SID and AUTH TOKEN. Note: the Account Name is just an identifier for end user convenience and also back-end identity.So, enter any account name that you want.
5.Save your settings and go to the list of settings.
6.Click on Activate to poll fetching of all Inbound messages to your Twilio number.
7.You can likewise use Enable and Disable to aptly control polling of messages.
8.The default period for the polling tasks is 300 seconds.So, you may have to wait a while before you get hold off your messages from the Twilio server ;) .
9.Go to the Twilio SMS Inbox tab on the left hand side of the page to have a look at your messages in the Inbox.

Responding to Deployment Requests (IRS Dispatch)

1.Define a staff record.(Staff tab on the top menu).
2.The mobile number of the staff created will receive the deployment request messages.(So be careful ;) )
3.Create an incident report.(Incidents tab on the top menu).
4.Open the report record (or go to
5.Assign a staff to the report. (Click on the Responder(s) tab and enter the name of an existing staff).
6.Now, click on the Dispatch tab;where the message body will be pre-populated with the relevant information for the incident report, that includes the Incident report ID, short description and comments.It also contains the expected format of the message to respond to the notification. Also, the recipient will be pre-pop in case of only a single staff being assigned, otherwise you will have to select the recipient.
7.Select Mobile Phone as the method of contact.
8.Click on the Send Message button.
9.The message is sent to the Mobile number of the assigned staff.
10.Now, reply to the received request message in the following format: SI#<> <Yes/No> <Comments> e.g. SI#1 Yes These are my comments.
11.Now go to the Responder(s) tab on the respective Incident Report and see the response and the comments logged in the data table.
12.Also,the staff will receive a confirmation reply stating whether the responses were logged or the reply format was wrong!.

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