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Messaging Module

This is the userguide for the current version of the Messaging module

NB The Cron task(s) needs to be enabled in cron/crontab. This doesn't currently work for Win32 service. For mod_wsgi, need to add support to the system crontab.


How do I use Gmail to send outbound mail?

Edit models/ Uncomment these lines & put in the username/password that you wish to use:

#deployment_settings.mail.server = ""
#deployment_settings.mail.login = "username:password"


What Hardware do I need?

If using an online gateway, then you don't need any hardware other than the network card :)

If you wish to be able to send messages without an Internet connection then you need a comaptible device such as one from the following.

Hardware compatibility databases:

How do I use it?

1st you need to decide whether you will be using a local modem or an online gateway (e.g. Clickatell or Tropo).

This is configured by the Administrator in the Global message Settings:

The Gateway or Modem details are configured via their own panels.


Global provider - average price globally:



Indian provider - cheap for local calls
user=my@email.address:mypassword&senderID=TEST SMS&state=4


Provide an automated-attendant (IVR) service which supports Voice, XMPP (GTalk) & Twitter as well as SMS.

  • The Twitter/GTalk 'bots' are great for testing the system out without incurring call charges

US Inbound number is free for development use so this is great for demos.

  • no other local numbers available for SMS (UK numbers may be available as special service)

They have helpful support forums.

Configure your Tropo token into:

Inbound messages are collected in controllers/ by the tropo() function, so configure this URL into your Application on the Tropo site:L

The incoming message is parsed by the parserdooth() function which uses difflib to allow users to mis-spell the keywords.

How does it work?

Compose a new message. The autocomplete will find either Persons or Groups.

Contact numbers from Persons have non-numeric characters stripped & then a '+' is prefixed when using a local modem.

For gateway usage, a default Country Code is added to numbers which start with 0.



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