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    2121And there you have it!
     23=== See Flowchart: [[|work-flow]]
     25== Add Staff and Volunteers to Project ==
     26=== Introduction ===
     27This section will help you to add Staff or Volunteers to a project. Screenshots have been provided for further reference.
     28=== Details ===
     29You should be logged in first to add staff and volunteers to a project. Once you have successfully logged in, click on ‘Projects’ button in the Response Section on the homepage. Now if you have already created the project then search your program in the list and click on ‘Open’ button (Left to the Project Name) otherwise to Create a new project see below section ‘How to create project’.
     31In the four tabs above the Basic Detail forms of the Project you would see ‘Staff’ and ‘Volunteers’. Click on the tab accordingly. In the textbox type the first two alphabets of the person and it would suggest you the names. Select the appropriate name and click on ‘Save’.
     33If you want to add a new volunteer or Staff member to the project then click on ‘Add Volunteer’ or ‘Add Staff Member’ on right side of the textbox and fill the details. Once registered, search the name in the textbox and click on ‘Save’.
     35That's it!
     36=== Screenshots ===
     37Click on Open Project first
     40Click on Staff/Volunteers tab
     43Type the name and click on Save
     46=== Troubleshooting ===
     47==== I don’t see the textbox to type the name ====
     48If the project already has some volunteers or Staff members then you’ll have to click on ‘Add Volunteer’ button above the list of the names. You would see the textbox then.
     49==== I want to make a new project ====
     50Adding a Project is easy. Once you are in the ‘Projects’ Section just click on ‘Add Project’ above the list of the projects. Then fill the appropriate details and ‘Save’.
    2252=== Links to related work-flows. ===
    2454These are currently unavailable
    26 === See Flowchart: [[|work-flow]]