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     3This to store the informations after a disaster, such as: Demographic, Health, Water,...
     4These informations can be used for damaged and assistanced assessment.
     6Type of Report
     8Rapid Assessments report detail information.
     9Assessments: report summary information.
     12Type of Information
     14In a assessment, there are many type of information. Include:
     16Demographic: Population, Household,...
     17Shelter & Essential NFIs: Shelter, Water storage, NFI Assistance,...
     18WatSan: Water supply, Environment, Latrine,...
     19Health: Health status, Health problem,...
     20Nutrition: Food stock and Food assistance.
     21Livelihood: Income, Expense,...
     22Education: Education service, School activities, School assistance,...
     25Create a assessment
     27For Assessments
     29From the front page, select "Assessments".
     30Choose "Assessments".
     31At List Assessments page, click "Add Assessment".
     32Type value in the sections, such as: Title, Location, Organization,...
     33Click "Save", to store current record.
     34Add other assessments.
     36For Rapid Assessments
     37From the front page, select "Assessments".
     38Choose "Rapid Assessments".
     39At List Assessments page, click "Add Assessment".
     40Have to type the initail information for this assessment, such as: Date, Location,...
     41Click "Save".
     42Type value in the sections in each tabs Demographic, Health, Nutrition,...
     43Click "Save", to store value.
     45Browse Assessments
     47At List Assessments page, you can see all of assessments created and information about them.
     48To modify a assessment, click "Open" on the assessment that need to be updated.
     49To sort the assessments, click Arrow icon beside the title of columns.
     50If there are lots of pages, moving between pages by click navigation buttons below.