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User Guidelines - Assessment


  • This to store the informations after a disaster, such as: Demographic, Health, Water,...
  • These informations can be used for damaged and assistanced assessment.

Type of Report

  • Rapid Assessments: report detail information.
  • Assessments: report summary information.

Type of Information

In a assessment, there are many type of information. Include:

  • Demographic: Population, Household,...
  • Shelter & Essential NFIs: Shelter, Water storage, NFI Assistance,...
  • WatSan: Water supply, Environment, Latrine,...
  • Health: Health status, Health problem,...
  • Nutrition: Food stock and Food assistance.
  • Livelihood: Income, Expense,...
  • Education: Education service, School activities, School assistance,...
  • Protection:

Create a assessment

For Assessments

  • From the front page, select "Assessments".
  • Choose "Assessments".
  • At List Assessments page, click "Add Assessment".
  • Type value in the sections, such as: Title, Location, Organization,...
  • Click "Save", to store current record.

For Rapid Assessments

  • From the front page, select "Assessments".
  • Choose "Rapid Assessments".
  • At List Assessments page, click "Add Assessment".
  • Have to type the initail information for this assessment, such as: Date, Location,...
  • Click "Save".
  • Type value in the sections in each tabs Demographic, Health, Nutrition,...
  • Click "Save", to store value.

Browse Assessments

  • At List Assessments page, you can see all of assessments created and information about them.
  • To modify a assessment, click "Open" on the assessment that need to be updated.
  • To sort the assessments, click on Arrow icon beside the title of columns.
  • To filter the assessments, type value in "Filter" section.
  • If there are lots of pages, moving between pages by click navigation buttons below.

Export report

  • To export report to files, such as: PDF, Excel,..., click on the icon at top-right list of assessments.
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