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    2727Shipments of items to send can automatically be generated from commitments.
     30== Example ==
     31For example below is an image of the request form:
     35After completing all the required entries click on “Save” button at the bottom. You will be directed to the following screen.
     39Now click on the “items tab” to add items requested and the required quantity as shown in the screen below:
     43When you add an item, the system will inform you of the availability of the requested item in different warehouses where the requested item is available in stock. Here you can request the items from a particular warehouse based on your requirements, may be considering the distance, quantity available etc. as shown below:
     47You can also click on the “Return to Request” button to add more items to your request.
     48The request is now visible to all the warehouse/office/facilities. The request can be accessed from multiple locations:
     501.      Click on More -> Requests -> Requests (Side menu) as shown below:
     542.      Click on Warehouses -> Warehouses (Side menu) -> Open your warehouse -> click on “match requests” tab
     58Please note that “match request does not display your own requests” to search for your own request you have to click the “Requests” tab in your warehouse page.
     60Now when you have opened you warehouse page you can “commit” for a request if you have the items requested in your stock. This is only a commitment to inform all the stakeholders that you have committed to send the required items. This will change the commitment status of the request to complete.
     62You can also check which item is available in your stock and in what quantity. If an item is not committed by any other warehouse you can still commit a partial commitment.
     64When you click on the “commit” button the following screen will be appear. You can open and specify the items and its quantity to include in your commitment. From this screen you also prepare the shipment to destination warehouse.
     68You also have the option to send items directly by clicking the “send” button.
     72Fill the form as per your requirements and click on “Send shipment” button to update the status of request to “in transit”.
     76Now the requesting warehouse can see the “shipment” in the “Receive” tab of their warehouse.
     80Open the shipment, fill the form and click on save to save basic data. Now click on receive shipment button to complete the process.
     84The items sent will be deducted from the stock of sending warehouse and added to the stock of receiving warehouse.
    2987== See Also ==
    3088* UserGuidelines/Tutorial/RequestAndInventory