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A configuration is specific to an implementation. It could be a country context or an organization context implementation. This document walks you through the necessary parameters that must be defined for the specific CAP messaging procedures and workflows.

The configuration parameters can be found here

Work Flows


In your eden directory, go to models/ and open with notepad or any other text editing software. If you scroll down, there's a line called CAP Settings. You can directly search (using CTRL + F).
There are options for configuring prefix, OID and suffix. By default, it looks like this:

# CAP Settings
# Change for different authority and organisations
# See for prefix and oid
#settings.cap.identifier_prefix = "PAGASA-DOST"
#settings.cap.identifier_oid = ""
#settings.cap.identifier_suffix = "alert"

You can configure the prefix, oid and suffix according to your organisation.

For national authority, see

Map Profile

You can set the Map Profile for an individual or the organisation.

If you are Administrator
Go to /eden/gis/config to see all your profile. Click on 'Create Map Profile' visible on right side or go to /eden/gis/config/create to create the map profile. The help link are there to help you.
Map profile would look like this:

If you are individual user (other than admin), you can edit your 'Map Setting'.
Go to 'Edit Profile' drop-down at your email address( In the tab at the right side you can see 'Map Settings' there.
Map profile would look like the above picture.




WIP For national authority, see

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