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    7373You have successfully added a new volunteer to the Sahana System Volunteer Database.
     75= '''Workflow guideline to add volunteer’s education and trainings''' =
     77== Introduction==
     78This sub-module aims to help user to learn how to add education and trainings details of a volunteer.
     79Do ensure that a Volunteer has been already created before following this set of workflow.
     82== Workflow ==
     83Firstly, if you have yet to create a volunteer, click on Add Volunteer and fill in your volunteer detail accordingly. If you already have a volunteer, you can skip this step.[[BR]][[|Add Volunteer]]
     85After having at least one volunteer, click on Open.[[BR]][[|Open]]
     87You should be redirected to this page.[[BR]] [[|Redirected page]]
     89In this module,we will be focusing on these three areas.[[|The three areas we are focusing on]][[BR]]
     901) Add Volunteer’s training[[BR]]
     912) Add Volunteer’s Skills[[BR]]
     923) Add Volunteer’s Credentials[[BR]]
     95'''Part 1: Volunteer’s training'''[[BR]]
     96Now, click on training. On this page, fill in the training event which your volunteer has underwent and grade him a pass or a fail and click Save to the save the record. [[|Adding Volunteer's training]]
     100'''Part 2: Volunteer’s skills'''[[BR]]
     101Now, click on skills. On this page, fill in the skills which your volunteer possess. Select the competency level and click Save. [[|Adding Volunteer's skills]]
     105'''Part 3: Add Volunteer’s Credentials'''[[BR]]
     106Now, click on credentials and fill in accordingly. Then, save it. [[|Adding Volunteer's Credentials]]
     109== Conclusion ==
     110With this, you have successfully added your volunteer’s education and trainings.
    75112== See Also:[[|Workflow]]