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Web Setup Functionality for the eden

Sceen Cast

Selector Screen

  • This contains a dropdown menu of all the eden instances in you local machine. Select the instance from the dropdown of whose settings you want to change.
  • Submit the form



  • This contains a number of tabs. One category of settings are placed under one tab
  • Test section shows the presence or the absence of a particular library in your machine with green and red marks respectively.
  • For changing any setting navigate to the corresponding category .
  • Change the setting.


  • This section contains a number of vertical tabs . One module is allocated to one tab.
  • We can customize 3 things in the module . Their :-
    • Status : Using this option we can turn a module on or off
    • Nice Name : We can change the Nice name of the module
    • Description : It is also possible to customize the Nice name of the module
  • Thus we can directly navigate to the module which needs to be changed

Create New Eden Functionality

  • This functionality can be used to create a new eden instance using the old one . It uses the new settings that you have just set.
  • For creating a new instance you just have to type the name of the new instance that you want to create .
  • You can also choose not to create any new instance by selecting no in the dropdown menu

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