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The Sahana Pootle Server is a tool to assist with translations. If you have any queries or need permission, please contact the MailingList.

Instructions in Spanish:

Below is an example based on how the Taiwan team uses Sahana Pootle Server in the language translation process. In the following example, is used, but the main idea should apply to other teams.

There are two main roles:

  1. Translator who focuses on text translation. This role doesn't need technical ability.
  2. Administrator who converts updated .po to .py, and makes it works in eden/languages directory. If you are an Administrator, be sure to see the useful UserGuidelinesLocalisation before using Pootle or other translation tools.

Translate Text

  1. Select the project (typically "Sahana Eden") and the language you wish to translate into.
  1. To translate a term, either:
    1. Search for a term eg. "Required Field".

  1. Click on the Translate Tab and select Quick Translate or Translate All.
  1. Put the translation in the field below the term. You can submit the translation, or assign it as a suggestion.

  1. If there are other terms matching the translated text, eg. "Required Field", they will be shown afterward.

Apply a Translated Language to Sahana Eden

  1. Select the project "Sahana Eden" and the language you wish to apply the translation for.
  1. Go to "Translate" tab.
  1. Download the language .po (eg. zh-tw.pyo)file by clicking on the "Download" link. You may have save the page that opens.

  1. Run "po2web2py -i zh-tw.po -o" to generate the needed language file.
  1. Place the generated in the eden/languages directory.
  1. Edit deployment_settings.L10n.languages in models/

Check Administrator Settings

Administrator can manage translation team members, including adding members and assigning their permissions.

Pootle Dashboard

Update the Language File in Pootle

Administrator Only

A common case is that you have a new in languages directory, and want to upload it to pootle. This file can turn into zh-tw.po running "web2py2po -i -o zh-tw.po". See: User Guidelines Localisation

marr's note: in my experience, with the above generated zh-tw.po file, you might see all msgstr filled with strings automatically, and uploading such file to pootle will mislead the statistics.

  1. Select the project "Sahana Eden" and the language you wish to apply the translation for.
  1. Go to "Translate" tab.
  1. Choose the .po file to upload. Say, you can "Overwrite the current file if it exists".
  1. If choosing "Add all new translations as suggestions", or, there are suggestions for a term, you can decide "Accept" or "Reject" them.

Add a New Language to Pootle

Administrator Only

  1. Admin (top right) -> Languages. Add Language (to Pootle).
  2. Select Project ("Sahana Eden") -> Administrate. Add Language (to Project).
  3. Select Project ("Sahana Eden") -> <New Language>. Upload *.po file. See: User Guidelines Localisation
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