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User Guidelines - Organization Registry


This module keeps track of all the relief organizations working in the disaster region.

  1. It allows to add your organisation, and help you to maintain it.
  2. It allows to add offices to your organisations.
  3. It allows to add facilities to your organisations.


Types of Information:

  • Organizations Information
  • Activies Information
  • Offices Information
  • Staff Information

The following image shows the relation between types



  • The list of organizations, Activities, Offices, Staff can be export to files, such as: PDF, Excel, RSS
  • But they are just the summary of informations

Screen Shots

Edit Organizations

Organization Details

List Activies

Office Details

Add Staff

Video Tour

Introduction Organization Application


To List/Add Organisations:

To edit a Location:

To edit a Cluster:

Draft manual:

This module is under contruction:

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