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User Guidelines - Roster tool



  • This tool aims to provide a roster functionality to people. In a date and job task grid, people can be assigned an individual slot. This table will also be identified by other parameters like time.
  • People once added, can be given additional Job Titles, which can be used while making the roster
  • The roster tool can be used for Project, Incidents and Organisations.


Types of Information:

  • Roster table
  • Roster shift
  • Date of Job assignment
  • Job title for the assigned job.


  • A basic working System is operational on Demo
  1. You can view the List of incidents.
  2. You can view map.
  • You have to be logged in before doing below steps.
  1. You can add new incident and link it to the locations.
  2. You can also add person if he is victim too.
  3. You can add new Location.


  • Incident is a confirmed incident (for which there may be Many reports received since reporters won't know about each others' Reports)


  • An assessment is a follow-up visit to an incident to get more details

1. Report an incident

  1. Click "Incident Reporting" button on the top menu and link to the main page of this module.
  2. Click "Add Report".
  3. Fill in the incident information and short description is required.
  4. Click "Save".

2. Add Person during reporting

  1. If the reporter is not the recorder, then "Add Person" is nessary.Especial when the reporter is a diaster victim.
  2. The entry of "Add Person" is on the right of the column of "Reporter Name".
  3. Click "Add Person" will go to the page.
  4. Fill in the information of the person and the "First Name" is required.
  5. Click save and the screen will go back to the incident reporting page. The reporter you just add will be the reporter of the incident.

3. Add Location during reporting

  1. If the location of the incident you are reporting is not in the location list, then "Add Location" will be necessary.
  2. The entry of "Add Location" is on the right of the column of "Location".
  3. Click "Add Location" will go to the page.
  4. Fill in the information of the location and primary name is required.
  5. Use "Conversion Tool" to have the coordinate info from your GPS fit the formate of Sahana Eden .
    1. In GPS format, fill in "deg" and "min" from GPS and click "calculate" button to have the decimal degrees.
    2. Click " Fill in Latitude" if that is it, same for longitude.
  6. Click save and the screen will go back to the incident reporting page. The location you just add will be the location of the incident.

4.Report confirmed incidents

  1. A confirmation message will be shown.
  2. Without Confirmation, information will not be saved.

Work Flow


  • The list of Incidents,People affected,Reporter Name and detail of disaster can be export to files, such as: PDF, Excel, RSS
  • But they are just the summary of informations.


Getting Started

Add Incident Report

List Incident Report: Fill the Details

Video Tour



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