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Volunteer Management-User Guidelines


The Volunteer module enables Eden instances to create and manage the volunteers in their team or in a task.

  1. You can create projects, and link projects to locations
  2. You can search for projects by location
  3. You can add a volunteer registration to any person
  4. You can add tasks to projects
  5. You can assign a task to any person with a volunteer registration
  6. You can update task status, or re-assign to another person

Started a "self service" menu for volunteers, currently just "My Tasks" but more to follow. However, that doesn't mean that every volunteer needs a user account - you can manage projects, tasks and volunteers without user accounts, and you can share this information across multiple instances without needing to register every volunteer as user on each instance.

Of course are any Person Registry information about volunteers also available in the Volunteer Module, such as:

  • Contact Information
  • Addresses
  • Identity Information

A basic working of the module can be seen in the Demo

The diagram shows the working of volunteer management system.


Tables to which your access is allowed are-

  • Volunteer Information:-This section includes name, sex, date of birth, email and other related fields.
    • Name & Gender:The full name of the volunteer(first name, middle name and the second name)and the gender.
    • Organisation:The organisation to which the volunteer is related to.
    • Contact info:This section is for email, mobile number.
  • Programs:-The rescue program or time tracking program and so on in which the volunteer is involved or is meant to involved, these are not projects which are done for coordinating things.
  • Teams:-The information of the volunteer can contain the name of the team to which he/she belongs.
  • Persons:-The person(volunteer) can be selected from amongst the members of the organisation.
  • Skill Types:-The skill that the person has, such as-driving, language known, medical knowledge e.t.c.


For getting the full workflow of managing a volunteer visit the link given below:


  • The list of volunteer with their full detailed info can be downloaded in various formats, such as: PDF, Excel, RSS
  • There are timely reports as well, you can search for volunteers through "Filter Options".
  • Report about a volunteer can be submitted by going to the "Report" section and then filling the required fields.
  • This section also allows us to view total as well as the full summary of training sessions as well as other programs which are attended by the volunteer.

Video Tour

Introduction Volunteer Management Application


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