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BluePrint: Chat


We want to be able to provide the ability for users to be able to message each other in real-time.

This is useful for compliance reasons as well as just convenience.


  • Provide a chat board through which users can help each other or get help from the system administrator.
  • Perhaps have one chat for each organization or project.


  • Ability to show which users are online


  • Easily switch to the user's email / SMS / Phone to contact them if they are not available by chat
    • candy plugin which links to Eden's msg.compose()
  • Status Updates
    • candy plugin?
  • History
    • Store chat history in DB (per-room & per user<>user private chat with appropriate permissions).
    • Scheduled task to prune.
    • Allow access to view this history from within the client 1 day/1week/1month/3months.
    • User can override archiving.
  • VoIP
    • Single-user
    • Multi-user
  • Video
  • Whiteboard
  • Screen Sharing
  • File Transfer
    • candy plugin to expose ejabberd's capabilities?


  • Simple option is to provide a preconfigured IRC client, but this may not be good for scalability
    • e.g. qwebirc was used for SandyRelief and there is some code to have this display in a side-pane to the main browser window
  • Scalable option would to provide an XMPP client (e.g. to a Jabber server)




Assuming single-user:


<Leave open for a list of implementation>


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