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Blue Print - Inventories

To Do

  • Add deployment setting to restrict editing inv. items directly (only through send/recv to maintain audit trail)
    • Add feature to adjust item levels.
  • Fix Incoming: A list of item shipment which have been sent from other warehouses to this warehouse but have not yet been received. From this page these shipments can be received and added to the warehouse. Currently broken due to complexity with site super entity join.
  • Add Unique Shipment Reference Numbers
  • Expiry times for Inventory Items need to be linked to the unique batch, not consolidated across all batches (like CTNs)
  • From IFRC Logs procedures:
    • Pictures of Items & Packs
    • Have field for loose units
  • Aggregation and kitting/dekitting Functionality
  • User visible ID numbers for Received and Sent Shipments. Possibly using a site prefix and a sequential number per site to allow for easier filing of the printed (and potentially) signed forms.

Also See

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